Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A blog as scrambled as my thoughts...

I'm not sure what I'd say if someone asked, "how've ya been?" ..Maybe I'd just say nothing at all. 
Yesterday I so beautifully wrote on my right arm, "I DREAM" on my right hand, "in COLOR," and plainly wrote on my left arm, "I SEE" on my left hand "in BLACK and WHITE" It surely isn't meant to be taken literally. 
I've been often sketching things in my little drawing book, very well in my opinion anyways... Maybe the reason I draw during class is that in hopes someone will notice, and comment, and maybe ask why what's what on the page.
My hair has kind of been bothering me, I want to get it trimmed.
"Santa" (mom) told me all she can afford this year for Christmas is some things from Fashion Bug and Victorias Secret because she only has charge cards for those two places, and no money. I don't want anything at all than if I can't get even the simplest wants. 
I wrote two facebook notes recently because I've been tagged in them and I want people to know more about me, being that most people know me for hardly talking. Technology is like another voice for me.
I laughed most today in Literature class. We did these skits about prejudices or something, but they were quite humorous.(:
The person that sits right next to me in Word hasn't been talking to much. Now that I said it 'out loud' I think I'll be able to get over it.
Another good friend of mine today instant messaged me saying I looked depressed today. That kid's nice, and pretty cool, I like 'im.(:
I failed my permit test twice already, going to try again tomorrow.
I've realized I'll need a job in some type of retail, and luck hasn't found me yet./:

Gatta go, blog to ya laterr. 

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