Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is an immensely long title that serves no purpose for this particular blog post; I was trying to think of a creative title, but I didn't know what else to write... 'Sides, I like to see these words look so awesome as they rest on top of my blog post.:D

I couldn't believe the irony of it- I had lost my phone while in the process of cleaning my messy room! And my phone likes to turn off all the time to really bother me. I don't mind it as much when I'm not using my phone. It bothers me a little more when it turns off while I'm texting. But nothing is more inconvenient than my phone turning itself off when it's misplaced!! I was sure that I left it on my bed, so I checked through the sheets thrice times. I thought it might have been with my shirts, but when I checked my shirt drawer, it wasn't in there either./: 

My emotions went in this order:

Sadness-  "My phone, it's... gone!"
Anger-  "Shit, I lost my phone..."
Worry-  "What am I going to do without my phone?!"
Disbelief-  "I can't believe I lost my phone!"

I thought about calling a psychic... but ya know, I lost my phone.:P 

So when I returned home after work, I tried using my mom's phone to call mine, thinking that my phone would have done a good deed for me and magically turned itself on. I tried without luck.): 

I checked my first drawer thoroughly. Not there. I checked my second drawer thoroughly. Not there either. I checked my third drawer thoroughly. "Freaking freak!" I found it! I found it! I found my phone! :D And as I assumed, there were several messages awaiting for me.(: 

True story.

Au revoir, les amis!(: 
Have a wonderful day!:D

Did you REALLY just-?

This morning I've been kinda lazy, not doing much besides cleaning up a tad, laundry, shower, stuff like that. Last night was pretty fun and I pigged out eating an ice cream sunday.

Anywhoo, that's not all important. No, I just wanted to share something that in my mind is really, REALLY dumb.(:

I was doing my hair, and at one o'clock I got a text from a friend of mine, asking what I was up to. I didn't respond right away, didn't very much feel like talking to that friend in case she asked if I wanted to hang out with her, which I didn't. 
Half an hour later I texted her that I was just doing my hair and she replies: 

"Haha kk im going to my bday party soon wit my grandma and (other friend of mine's name here) sorry i didnt invite u i though u had to work."

I texted back: 
"Yeah, at 5."

(no reply still as I write this.)

Then I thought for a minute.. Wait... Did you REALLY just brag text me? 
You freaking.. Prat. 

So in my mind, what she said was, 
(in a mimicking voice)"Oh hey, what'cha doin'? Oh yeah I'm going to my birthday party that I didn't invite you to 'cause.. I totally planned this before I even knew whether you'd be working or not, ('cause I didn't tell her, and I'm still training) and I'm an ass like that. Yeah"

So yeah, her birthday's in a couple days, and I'm still broke and... don't even- wouldn't even want to bother with getting her a present, so yeah.(:

There are so many things I thought to text back instead, but I didn't. If she ever reads this and understands who it's about, I hope she can put herself in my place and understand how dumb she is.(: 

P.S.  I may sound like a bitch cat, but if you knew her, you'd understand.

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Friday, February 25, 2011

A regular chocolate milkshake sized mess!D:

Day... what, three of working, right?(: I'm still shy and awkward working, but I'm trying to try my best!(X And I made a huge mess spilling chocolate milkshake today... I hate not knowing how much of what goes where, and what some of the letters stand for./: I guess it makes me feel inferior to my co-workers.:P I didn't even get to finish my training for Pete's sake, because the website I was supposed to take tests on is still screwed up!): I really hope I can finally finish that tomorrow, even if I have to read the books that are currently at the one manager with gorgeous eyes, Carrie's house... Poop, I hope she's working tomorrow so she can bring them in! 

Anywhoodle, what else is new? I miss some of the people that I usually miss./: But that isn't really new.): 

Lots of Love! <333

Au revoir, les amis!:D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not so bad, Eh?(:

Today I had to work after school, and it was not so bad.(: I thought I was going to do training on the computer... but since it wasn't working, I mostly just stood around and tried making a few drinks and such. Yes.:D

So today a few things that I realized that I like are:

  • Crazy, outgoing people
  • Being adult-ish
  • Coming home to a quiet house
  • Talking to people about things that matter.


Do I have anything else (semi)important to say?...


Au revoir, les amis.(:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This morning felt like christmas.(:

I woke up this morning to doughnuts and a whole freaking jug of Arizona green tea! I was exceedingly joyfulllll.(((: ...Seems like there's really nothing more I can say that can top that!(: 

Au revoir, les amis!:D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lovely weather we're having, eh?(:

Today I took a walk with the dog. Barefoot. Yyyessss.(:

I trimmed my hair today... Not really sure whether I like it or not.:P

I finished sculpting the thin version of buddha out of clay. Mhmmm.(: 

Downloaded a bunch of music onto my iPod. Chyeahh.(:

Cleaned up my room a bit... Ehh.:P

I wrote a decent song today. Hell yeah!:D 

Have an awesome day.:D

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything Is Beautiful.(:

Today I finally went to get glasses. 
Left school around eleven o'clock. 
When I put the glasses on I could see so clearly, I laughed in awe of how crisp my sight was through the lenses. 
It's pretty amazing. 
True? True.(: 
On the car ride home I was just looking at everything outside, looking and smiling. My mum thought I was smiling for a mischievous reason and when she asked, "what?" I replied, "everything is so beautiful." I wasn't trying to be corny or anything, it's just that when I looked at the trees, I thought they were beautiful. When I looked at the clouds in the sky, I thought they were beautiful too. When I looked at little red barns, they looked beautiful as well. It all made me smile.(: And it made me happy to be able to find pleasure in looking at things that simple and so often taken for granted. I began thinking "everything is beautiful" right then. Even things that are odd or messed up, like say a scar- those can be beautiful in the way that they are different and not completely natural.(: I think have similar mentality as a hippy.(X

Anywhooodle, it's not all happy-joy here. There's a phrase that I've heard too many times today, a phrase that pisses me off to hear it once, and hearing it as many times as I did today, I almost went into hyperventilation, no joke.:P And that phrase is....
"Because I said so."!!! That was the reason I was given for not being aloud to get the nerd glasses I wanted, not being aloud to get the sweater vest or shirt I wanted, or the awesomely smelling men's body wash I wanted.): Not to seem like a greedy child, but I should have been aloud to choose the glasses that I thought best fit me and my style, she had a gift certificate thinger for the store I wanted the clothes at and she didn't want to use it, and she knows I really want that specific scent of bodywash./:

P.S. I hate yelling. And there's been a lot of that at home. It's the sort of thing that makes me want to run away for a while./: When the weather's warmer, I'll be out more.(: A lot more. 

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's get writing.(:

Nothing much going on in particular, but I just felt the need to write...

I was looking at other people's blogs earlier and wondering how many people read my own blog how often? Ahh, well. 

Yesterday I got to go to A.C.Moore, yayy!:D I bought three different colors of yarn, with which I plan to knit a lovely long scarf, and I must say, I kind of suck at knitting.:P It took me forever to learn how, and much thanks to google and youtube. I also bought some feathers, and it seems as though my dog Romeo is afraid of feathers!(X I was having some fun with that, hehehh.. I also bought 4 different colors of string to make friendship bracelets with. But I'm keeping them for myself.:P I didn't do such a good job on the first one, though... Today was a lazy day for me; I was going to go to Goodwill for a couple things, but I couldn't 'cause my mum had to go somewhere else./: I'm impatient to start training and working; my mum said that I could open a checking account and get a debit card, cool.(: But, first she says I need to clean my room and organize it, because she's afraid I'd loose it.:P Bahh. My room IS quite the fright right now though, I must say... I guess I should get working on that. But first:

"That no matter how much evidence we have to prove that life is meaningless, we should believe that life makes some sort of sense- and that the story of Jesus is a good story, simply because it teaches us that we should be kind to others. THat we should do whatever it takes, that we should sing soul music if it makes the lives of others better. That we should try to be good people, and love everyone." This is an amazing quote from the book Sorta Like a Rock Star. Truth.(:

Au revoir, les amis.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

If nothing else, believe in ▲RT.(:

Decided to trim my hair a bit, and I must say, it doesn't look too shabby.:D Didn't do much today, but that's going to change once I actually start working.:S Can't wait, eh? Looks as if my sisters and I are going to the mall today, even though all I want to do is go to A.C.Moore for some craft supplies!:P Gosh I can't wait for the money to start filling up my near-to-empty bank account..

Yesterday I was going through some of the clothes that I had stacked in a corner, and I cut up a sweater dress a bit to make it look better (in my opinion). I like cutting up my clothes and sewing and such.(: I was trying on some old clothes... then I got bored of that and started reading another book.. I can't remember the name. 
Haha last night was funnn; home alone.[:

I've been on this computer wayy to long today,

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Friday, February 11, 2011


Well, looks like I've got a job, eh? Cool. Gatta get me some proper attire for the job: Black pants, shoes, and belt.  Anywhoodle.(:

I finished what might be my favorite book now, Sorta Like a Rock Star. One word: Awesome. But one word doesn't cover it. True? True. I cried last night reading it during the sad parts, I was so upset about it, and I got really teary-eyed at school today because of the happy parts. Happy tears.(': I'm in love with that book, I didn't know it was possible. I want to live that book. Possible? No. But it'd be pretty hardcore. Word.(: 

I dressed pretty awesome today, I must say, in my lacy-type light pink top, millitary jacket, buhda around my neck, summmore funky jewelry, grey skinny jeans, my "nazi" shoes, and my messy hair in teeny braids.(: Got some compliments, awesomely enough.:D I like being me.(;

Right now I'm looking through polyvore, wishing I could go to A.C.Moore 'cause I'd like some string and feathers to make some bracelets and dream catchers. But I can't, 'cause my mom's to tired.:P There's so many things I wish I had./: Is that bad? Ya know, like the glasses I need, a better mother, awesome hair, feathers, a camera, hats. Stuff like that; is that so bad? 

"Enjoy your youth. You'll never younger than you are at this very moment."

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

△ H△ppy C△mper

I'm in such a great mood right now. True? True.:D
The book I'm reading, Sorta Like a Rock Star, I am just IN LOVE with it thus far.:D It's about a 17 year old girl in a very unique situation: she's homeless and sleeps in a bus that her mother drives, and she does love her mother, even though the woman's kind of a failure. Her mother pretty much wastes her money on cigs and liquor and goes from loser boyfriend to loser boyfriend. The girl, Amber, really understands things, I'm not sure how to explain it, but she really tells it how it is. In fifth grade she got put in a 'special' class somehow, where four other guys and her became best friends, but the boys have disabilities.  They seem like cute kids though: one used to stutter, one has autism, one in a wheelchair, and the other was the only black kid in their school and couldn't talk correctly, or something. Amber looks after herself, Bobby Big Boy, (her dog) her friends, and many other people. She's especially close with the autistic kid and his successful single mother, who's kinda like a second mother of Ambers. Amber joined a church with one of her friends, but realized she didn't like the sermons, and said the preacher made jesus sound like a pissy old woman who'll damn you to hell if you don't please him, but in Amber's mind Jesus in like a chill, nice dude, like a rock star who looks like the guy from the White Stripes.:D Word. She teaches english to Korean woman for community service so she can get into a good college. That's what I got within the first 58 pages. It's funny, I'd read a part I really liked and say aloud, "I freaking LOVE this book":D

Anywhoodle, a certain place that I had a job interview at called me today, asking if I still want the job.:D Hardcore; I said.... YES! Durhh.

The universe loves me today.(:

I went to the Guitar Center today with my mum, just looking for a replacement string and capo. What I ended up doing was checking out the acoustic guitars, tickling the stings a bit, trying my had at some ukulele, (which I couldn't quite figure out) checkin' out the pianos, and one of the cool balding guys that works there started chatting it up a bit with my mum and me. He was pretty cool, and played us a couple numbers on a nearby piano. Sweet deal.(: So a couple minutes before closing, my mum bought me a set of new strings, capo, a harmonica, and picks- yellow.:D Sweet. Freaking. Deal. I tired my lips on the harmonica on the ride home, not to shabby, I played "Oh When The Saints" on it.(X Hardcore? Nahh.(;

I've still got so much to learn when it comes to musical things, that's fo' sho'. I'm going to replace my guitar string right now!:D

Au revoir, les amis!(:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Every other monday is Library Day for me.(:

Personally, I like cycle days 4 and 6 at school. Those are the days my schedule goes as such: Algebra II, Wellness, Ceramics I, Chemistry, and Sculpture. They're just easygoing days for me.(: The days I do not like are gym days.:P If I could, I'd have Wellness class everyday.(: 
But for gym, I lost my gym shorts./: Somehow they disappeared, and I am quite upset about it./: I'm not sure which is more important- money, or my grade, because if I just wear regular athletic shorts, that's like 5 points off of a total of 20 per day!): It's totally not fair. At Lower Dauphin, all I needed was a change of athletic clothes that were some tint or shade of blue, black or white- the school colors, that is. Not a stupid uniform like at Donegal.:P It's not like it's really expensive, the shorts cost about seven dollars. And if my mum (since I still don't have a job) can't afford that, I do not want to have to trade my fleece gym pants (which I have not yet received from school) for shorts. Truth is, I never had sweatpants before, and I think they'd be really comfortable to me.  So that's my unfortunate little dilemma. 

I was texting my mom about that stuff, and I must say, I enjoyed the conversation I had with her, even though I was mostly complaining about how tired I am of unfair things, and life.:P I don't think I've talked to her that deeply before via texting.:P She just told me that things'll get better once I get a job. That's what she always when I'm upset about life. But I still don't have a job, and life is frustrating me NOW. I'm quite impatient. 

I finally finished the book Repossessed today, and my favorite part is where it says, 
"It's the glitches and the twists that make this universe unique and compelling. Without flaws, there would be no depth."(:

I had to walk from the high school to the library, to home. Well, I didn't really have to, I just think it's an adventure, I never know who or what I'll see on the way.(: I returned two books, renewed one, and checked out three others. Not sure which order I'll read them in, but I'm hoping they're good.(: I like good books.:D

Yesterday night I was meditating a bit, and I had the strangest thought: what if, in the mornings at school before the bell rings, what if I just sat down and started meditating?:D That'd be a nice way to start the morning, and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.(: I'd start the day being 'one with the universe.' I just might do that when the weather gets warmer so I can do it outside, 'cause I always feel so much better outside.(: But of course some people would gawk and think I'm weird. Well, I am weird, and happy to be.(: And I'm going to do the things I enjoy that effect my life in positive ways, yep.(:

Looks like it's getting kind of late,

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hangin' with my droogs.(:

Tonight I finally got to viddy the film A Clockwork Orange with Ryan and Morgs.:D It certainly wasn't how I imagined, but still pretty good. And rather silly- the people looked really droll, with crazy bright colored wigs and what not.(X 

After the movie Morgs left to hang out with other friends, leaving Ryan alone to try to keep me entertained, but I didn't really know what I wanted to do, so he was rather frustrated and kept saying he was a failure at being a host.(X He also said that I was hard to read, and he can usually see right through people- but that's certainly not verbatim.. I thought that was kinda cool, even though it kind of bothered him- it makes me feel mysterious. He said he could tell that there's a lot that I'm thinking about, but I express nothing.(X So after some chatting, me playing guitar, me getting the jitters from my inhaler meds and breaking a chair and knocking down a Kiss figurine, Ry drove me home. I had the job of picking conversation topics on the ride home, and it was mostly about religion. I like the way Ryan thinks, even though I don't always agree with it. He's an entertaining person to me without having to try.(:

Looks like mum's home with a hamburger for me.(:

P.S. I've been wearing my awesome new beanie since I made it, I really like it, a pretty deep red color.(: 

Au revoir, les amis.:D

Never let the worry of yesterday or the dread of tomorrow ruin today.

I simply had to share this part from the book I'm still reading and mentioned yesterday, Repossessed- it's funny, isn't it? Well, it sure made me laugh.(:

"I'll curse, I decided. Yes.  I will let Jason come, but first I will curse. That will get the frustration out of my system.
But none of the words I knew seemed like they would satisfy. Most American curse words seem to be related to perfectly natural bodily functions, and I've never seen why they strike people as being wicked. They didn't strike me as being particularly fulfilling anyway. The only word commonly used that indeed felt like a curse word was one that started with a d and ended with mn, and I had no desire to use that. No human would let it cross their lips if he knew what it meant in truly practical terms.
'Rats!' I tried. 'Confound it! Egad! Tarnation! Blast!'
'Blast!' seemed to work pretty well, so I stuck with that, 'Blast! Blast! Blast!'" 
-A. M. Jenkins

Alright, it's time to do some chores-

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today didn't really feel like friday, because our school had two days off this week due to the weather. Hmm... The school day was pretty good, in Alg. 2 there was a substitute, who let us listen to iPods. In gym I practiced for the silver circuit and played a little volleyball. In art I finished a project and played with clay a little. In chemistry the whole class we were going over conversions for the metric system, during which I read from a book I got from the library. The teacher didn't really mind this, but asked if I gave up on trying to understand, because a lot of the students had gotten confused. I said no and explained what I understood was going on. Haha!(: In fifth period (photography) the teacher was doing something most of the time so I just read some more. It's a rather good book... Repossessed, I think it's called. It's much better than I thought it would be, about a demon, I believe, named Kaliel, or something. He leaves his duties to posses a teen who was just about to die, and views the world through human eyes, and is very observant and easily fascinated by the simplest things. I like that, and I like how it makes me feel the need to be more observant and curious about things.(:

When I got home I was rather tired, so I just lied on my cluttered bed for a while.. Then I straightened up my room. Then I ate a taco. Then I checked my email. Then my mum took me to the Mount Joy Diner. Then I waited for a friend and read some more.(: Then he arrived, and we were there for.. a few hours. And I saw a couple more friends there, how lovely.(: Then I walked home in the lovely cold air. It felt nice, I'm not sure why, walking alone in the frigid dark. I guess it was because I was thinking about other memories- past days of being outside.. And again the friends I miss./: Which reminds me-

I am to see my wife tomorrow, and finally watch A Clockwork Orange, I'm quite excited!:D I loved the book, so hopefully I enjoy the movie too.(: My dear friend Ali told me she is in the process of drivers ed, and should have her license and car by March, so she can drive from Maryland to come and see me.(; I think I'm going to hang out with Dylan after school on monday; I do miss the kid./: Seems like a bit more is going on than my usual boring life- my only reason is 'cause February is MY month.:D Don't know exactly why or how, but that's how it's ganna be.(:

hugs, kisses,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Honesty is the best policy.

Ohh yeahhh. 
I'm still doin' the No Facebook/ No TV thing still, BUT my sister Victoria posted a ignorant picture of me on Facebook and tagged me in it, so I just HAD to get on to find it and comment "delete it, bitch." I was quite upset. 

So I'm sitting in front of the computer, sipping hot tea, listening to We Used To Vacation- "I promised to my wife and children, I'll never touch another drink as long as I live. But even then it sounds so soothing, to mix a gin and sink into oblivion." And I'm thinking. And I just got a text.:D But really, I'm thinking about memories, the ones I miss, in particular. Early childhood ones, when everything was a lot simpler than I thought at the time, and how much I'd give to go back and have the comprehension and understanding I have now, back then. To just know how precious those years were. But they aren't coming back, that's fer sure. And when I'm older, I'll probably be looking back at THESE years, wishing I had done things differently. Never fully satisfied? You bet. 

I know I have homework to do, gym shorts to find, umm... I know I'm forgetting something else.... Oh well.. Oh yeah! I want to try to decide what classes to take next year, AND I need to plan out how I'm going to do my graduation project!(: A thing I dislike is when I chose a class in hopes to learn something useful, and sometimes the class has bad teachers and bad students which make me unenthusiastic about the class./: But that's something I don't have control over. Which reminds me of what I'm learning in Wellness in class, there are things that influence your life that you may or may not be able to control.

Anywhoodle, some things I am also missing are friends- the ones I used to talk to all the time, but hardly do anymore./: I'm not sure what goes wrong for this to happen, but it hurts, not being there for each other and knowing what's going on in their lives...  One in particular that I've been thinking about is my very dear wife. I miss you, lots, and I miss the fun we always have.): 

P.S. I look pretty cute today.(: 
Self Esteem +1

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is it as easy as it looks?

Soooo this no TV/ no Facebook thing isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Every time I get onto the computer my fingers automatically type in faceb- then I stop myself and have to remember why I got on the computer in the first place.:P And I don't like having to leave the room because someone turns on the TV. 

I just got a text (well, 2) that there's no school today! That's the second day in a row! And I am actually upset... I'm to awake to go back to sleep./: 
But I guess since I'm up I can 'seize the day'.:D 

Ohmygosh, like yesterday, I cleaned my room and I can actually walk around without stepping on something now! And I hung up some pictures.. which keep falling down... Oh well, my room is pretty awesome, I must admit.(; Maybe one day someday I'll put up some pictures of it.:D 

So, yesterday as I was going through things to get rid of while cleaning my room, and I came across some old binders. And I took them apart. And the cardboard is really durable. Which I think I might try to make some shoes out of.:D 'Cause, I'm just that awesome.(X That's what I'll do today! I think not watching TV or being on Facebook has made me more productive, and I'm glad.(: 
But I can't be productive while on the computer though, now can I?

Au revoir, les amis.(: