Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything Is Beautiful.(:

Today I finally went to get glasses. 
Left school around eleven o'clock. 
When I put the glasses on I could see so clearly, I laughed in awe of how crisp my sight was through the lenses. 
It's pretty amazing. 
True? True.(: 
On the car ride home I was just looking at everything outside, looking and smiling. My mum thought I was smiling for a mischievous reason and when she asked, "what?" I replied, "everything is so beautiful." I wasn't trying to be corny or anything, it's just that when I looked at the trees, I thought they were beautiful. When I looked at the clouds in the sky, I thought they were beautiful too. When I looked at little red barns, they looked beautiful as well. It all made me smile.(: And it made me happy to be able to find pleasure in looking at things that simple and so often taken for granted. I began thinking "everything is beautiful" right then. Even things that are odd or messed up, like say a scar- those can be beautiful in the way that they are different and not completely natural.(: I think have similar mentality as a hippy.(X

Anywhooodle, it's not all happy-joy here. There's a phrase that I've heard too many times today, a phrase that pisses me off to hear it once, and hearing it as many times as I did today, I almost went into hyperventilation, no joke.:P And that phrase is....
"Because I said so."!!! That was the reason I was given for not being aloud to get the nerd glasses I wanted, not being aloud to get the sweater vest or shirt I wanted, or the awesomely smelling men's body wash I wanted.): Not to seem like a greedy child, but I should have been aloud to choose the glasses that I thought best fit me and my style, she had a gift certificate thinger for the store I wanted the clothes at and she didn't want to use it, and she knows I really want that specific scent of bodywash./:

P.S. I hate yelling. And there's been a lot of that at home. It's the sort of thing that makes me want to run away for a while./: When the weather's warmer, I'll be out more.(: A lot more. 

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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