Tuesday, February 8, 2011

△ H△ppy C△mper

I'm in such a great mood right now. True? True.:D
The book I'm reading, Sorta Like a Rock Star, I am just IN LOVE with it thus far.:D It's about a 17 year old girl in a very unique situation: she's homeless and sleeps in a bus that her mother drives, and she does love her mother, even though the woman's kind of a failure. Her mother pretty much wastes her money on cigs and liquor and goes from loser boyfriend to loser boyfriend. The girl, Amber, really understands things, I'm not sure how to explain it, but she really tells it how it is. In fifth grade she got put in a 'special' class somehow, where four other guys and her became best friends, but the boys have disabilities.  They seem like cute kids though: one used to stutter, one has autism, one in a wheelchair, and the other was the only black kid in their school and couldn't talk correctly, or something. Amber looks after herself, Bobby Big Boy, (her dog) her friends, and many other people. She's especially close with the autistic kid and his successful single mother, who's kinda like a second mother of Ambers. Amber joined a church with one of her friends, but realized she didn't like the sermons, and said the preacher made jesus sound like a pissy old woman who'll damn you to hell if you don't please him, but in Amber's mind Jesus in like a chill, nice dude, like a rock star who looks like the guy from the White Stripes.:D Word. She teaches english to Korean woman for community service so she can get into a good college. That's what I got within the first 58 pages. It's funny, I'd read a part I really liked and say aloud, "I freaking LOVE this book":D

Anywhoodle, a certain place that I had a job interview at called me today, asking if I still want the job.:D Hardcore; I said.... YES! Durhh.

The universe loves me today.(:

I went to the Guitar Center today with my mum, just looking for a replacement string and capo. What I ended up doing was checking out the acoustic guitars, tickling the stings a bit, trying my had at some ukulele, (which I couldn't quite figure out) checkin' out the pianos, and one of the cool balding guys that works there started chatting it up a bit with my mum and me. He was pretty cool, and played us a couple numbers on a nearby piano. Sweet deal.(: So a couple minutes before closing, my mum bought me a set of new strings, capo, a harmonica, and picks- yellow.:D Sweet. Freaking. Deal. I tired my lips on the harmonica on the ride home, not to shabby, I played "Oh When The Saints" on it.(X Hardcore? Nahh.(;

I've still got so much to learn when it comes to musical things, that's fo' sho'. I'm going to replace my guitar string right now!:D

Au revoir, les amis!(:

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