Thursday, February 3, 2011

Honesty is the best policy.

Ohh yeahhh. 
I'm still doin' the No Facebook/ No TV thing still, BUT my sister Victoria posted a ignorant picture of me on Facebook and tagged me in it, so I just HAD to get on to find it and comment "delete it, bitch." I was quite upset. 

So I'm sitting in front of the computer, sipping hot tea, listening to We Used To Vacation- "I promised to my wife and children, I'll never touch another drink as long as I live. But even then it sounds so soothing, to mix a gin and sink into oblivion." And I'm thinking. And I just got a text.:D But really, I'm thinking about memories, the ones I miss, in particular. Early childhood ones, when everything was a lot simpler than I thought at the time, and how much I'd give to go back and have the comprehension and understanding I have now, back then. To just know how precious those years were. But they aren't coming back, that's fer sure. And when I'm older, I'll probably be looking back at THESE years, wishing I had done things differently. Never fully satisfied? You bet. 

I know I have homework to do, gym shorts to find, umm... I know I'm forgetting something else.... Oh well.. Oh yeah! I want to try to decide what classes to take next year, AND I need to plan out how I'm going to do my graduation project!(: A thing I dislike is when I chose a class in hopes to learn something useful, and sometimes the class has bad teachers and bad students which make me unenthusiastic about the class./: But that's something I don't have control over. Which reminds me of what I'm learning in Wellness in class, there are things that influence your life that you may or may not be able to control.

Anywhoodle, some things I am also missing are friends- the ones I used to talk to all the time, but hardly do anymore./: I'm not sure what goes wrong for this to happen, but it hurts, not being there for each other and knowing what's going on in their lives...  One in particular that I've been thinking about is my very dear wife. I miss you, lots, and I miss the fun we always have.): 

P.S. I look pretty cute today.(: 
Self Esteem +1

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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