Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is an immensely long title that serves no purpose for this particular blog post; I was trying to think of a creative title, but I didn't know what else to write... 'Sides, I like to see these words look so awesome as they rest on top of my blog post.:D

I couldn't believe the irony of it- I had lost my phone while in the process of cleaning my messy room! And my phone likes to turn off all the time to really bother me. I don't mind it as much when I'm not using my phone. It bothers me a little more when it turns off while I'm texting. But nothing is more inconvenient than my phone turning itself off when it's misplaced!! I was sure that I left it on my bed, so I checked through the sheets thrice times. I thought it might have been with my shirts, but when I checked my shirt drawer, it wasn't in there either./: 

My emotions went in this order:

Sadness-  "My phone, it's... gone!"
Anger-  "Shit, I lost my phone..."
Worry-  "What am I going to do without my phone?!"
Disbelief-  "I can't believe I lost my phone!"

I thought about calling a psychic... but ya know, I lost my phone.:P 

So when I returned home after work, I tried using my mom's phone to call mine, thinking that my phone would have done a good deed for me and magically turned itself on. I tried without luck.): 

I checked my first drawer thoroughly. Not there. I checked my second drawer thoroughly. Not there either. I checked my third drawer thoroughly. "Freaking freak!" I found it! I found it! I found my phone! :D And as I assumed, there were several messages awaiting for me.(: 

True story.

Au revoir, les amis!(: 
Have a wonderful day!:D

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