Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's get writing.(:

Nothing much going on in particular, but I just felt the need to write...

I was looking at other people's blogs earlier and wondering how many people read my own blog how often? Ahh, well. 

Yesterday I got to go to A.C.Moore, yayy!:D I bought three different colors of yarn, with which I plan to knit a lovely long scarf, and I must say, I kind of suck at knitting.:P It took me forever to learn how, and much thanks to google and youtube. I also bought some feathers, and it seems as though my dog Romeo is afraid of feathers!(X I was having some fun with that, hehehh.. I also bought 4 different colors of string to make friendship bracelets with. But I'm keeping them for myself.:P I didn't do such a good job on the first one, though... Today was a lazy day for me; I was going to go to Goodwill for a couple things, but I couldn't 'cause my mum had to go somewhere else./: I'm impatient to start training and working; my mum said that I could open a checking account and get a debit card, cool.(: But, first she says I need to clean my room and organize it, because she's afraid I'd loose it.:P Bahh. My room IS quite the fright right now though, I must say... I guess I should get working on that. But first:

"That no matter how much evidence we have to prove that life is meaningless, we should believe that life makes some sort of sense- and that the story of Jesus is a good story, simply because it teaches us that we should be kind to others. THat we should do whatever it takes, that we should sing soul music if it makes the lives of others better. That we should try to be good people, and love everyone." This is an amazing quote from the book Sorta Like a Rock Star. Truth.(:

Au revoir, les amis.

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