Friday, February 25, 2011

A regular chocolate milkshake sized mess!D:

Day... what, three of working, right?(: I'm still shy and awkward working, but I'm trying to try my best!(X And I made a huge mess spilling chocolate milkshake today... I hate not knowing how much of what goes where, and what some of the letters stand for./: I guess it makes me feel inferior to my co-workers.:P I didn't even get to finish my training for Pete's sake, because the website I was supposed to take tests on is still screwed up!): I really hope I can finally finish that tomorrow, even if I have to read the books that are currently at the one manager with gorgeous eyes, Carrie's house... Poop, I hope she's working tomorrow so she can bring them in! 

Anywhoodle, what else is new? I miss some of the people that I usually miss./: But that isn't really new.): 

Lots of Love! <333

Au revoir, les amis!:D

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