Monday, August 30, 2010

Call me Texas?

To conclude, it was a very hot, boring, long day at school/:
My classes are alright, the only one at this point that I actually have real friends in being 2nd period history, but even that class (like the rest of them) was immensely boring. But that's just the impression I got, maybe it'll get better(:

Let's see, what else... I've got plenty of papers that need signing, 3 heavy textbooks to lug around and already a paragraph to write for homework. Woww, I was so not ready for summer to end):

I kinda missed some of the people, and they haven't changed a bit since I saw them last(: Some people I can honestly say have improved, and some still need to:P I also miss some of the awesome people who recently graduated, I kinda miss them a lot./:

Amongst other things I still need and want to get is a job. Still on the lookout for opportunities! I also need more to actually do after school instead of nothing like most of my previous years.
"Dude, get a life" ...I have one, I'm just not sure what to do with it:P
I just need more hobbies so I'm not so boring;D

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.
Au revoir, amis(:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer shouldn't end so soon/:

It turns out it was a big misunderstanding:P
I was told by an apparent unreliable source that two of my friends had together decided to end our friendship, and ouch- that hurt. The little details aren't very important but shortly after the one friend texted me and told me that what I heard was a lie/: It's very hard to know what and who to believe.

So it turns out my schedule for school has been misplaced, which in turn means I should be prepared to be unprepared on the first day... Yeahh... Oh well, it's just school, I don't care much for it(:

Today I did a little school shopping, concluded my mom is a stingy spender and I really need to get a job:P I can not wait for the day that I get a place of my own. Ohh, a place of my own(:

My song Hello, Mr. Fly was recently finished and posted to facebook(: I'm not to fond of my voice but I'm quite proud of the lyrics that I wrote... The end of the song tells of what true friends are, and it just gets me thinking of my own friends, and the people who are, aren't, and the ones that claim to be...
And the memories.
I don't feel like feeling, emotions make me queasy.

I should go clean my messy cubicle sized room now.

Byebye for now(:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Only four in the morning...

Yesterday was just another boring day in which I woke up late, panicked about school, did some chores and cleaned up the house and was getting frustrated with the others that dwell in this house. The mother was invading my space and telling me I MIGHT get to go school shopping= it was pissing me off and I was trying to get away, so I just walked out of the house- forgot my shoes- to get away and chill out before I started yelling and swearing at her. Not very much fun at all. 

Later my sister convinced me to go to the diner with her around 11 at night. We saw some people we knew there, some weird, some nice, some not so nice, some I missed and hardly saw all summer... It's a shame that in school some friends and I say we will definitely hang out over the summer but I never see them until the next school year/: Which is pretty alright with me since summer went pretty well as it is(: 

Sometime around after midnight I was just hanging out, practicing my guitar and sitting on the couch when an unexpected, but friendly friend stopped by(: So we just chatted for a while, and I think she is one of the best story-tellers around who always has so much to say(: She is two or three grades lower than me, being in the middle school right now as I am in high school, but she's a rather good friend of mine(: 

And who knew recording your own little song took so much time?! I've been recording, listening, rerecording and editing and it has been very time consuming. I guess that's a good thing because I don't have much else anything important to do. I should get back to that, I want to finish Hello, Mr. Fly before summer ends(:

Auf Wiederhören(:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Relax

So it is a monday night or a tuesday morning which means there is only a week untill summer is out and school is in. I am at my wifes house, we're both on the couch in the basement watching Taken and Zombieland and I am just so confortable here that I'm not all stressed and worried at the moment like I've been lately(: We don't even have to do anything very exciting, just being in good company is really nice to me(:

On another subject, while texting a couple friends and reading some of the stupid cute things they say I realized I make faces and scrunch my nose with a little twisted smile when I get that silly happy feeling(: I wonder if other people noticed that too?

Adiós por ahora(:

I was trying to be nice

Some people, and particular individuals just get to me.. No, I'm being nice there, they fucking piss me off! If I knew what the hell to do about it, I would take control of the situation and the drivel poppycock would finally stop. But if I stand up it could get worse, is what I fear/:

So the reason of me being bothered today is that I was only recently told these exact words by someone:
"Just to let know, you're going to burn in hell and satan's going to stick his cock in your mouth and you're going to suck it!"
Uhm, ouch:P
Yeah, I know I should be above the nonsensical twaddle this person speaks, but it just really upset me. And I was all ready to go on a rant, but I calmed down to fast/: I don't like the thing about me when I'm trying to be mad, I sometimes lose that fire so quickly.
So I did what I usually do when I don't know what to do- nothing.
Yep. No fists, no rude remark even, just sat there.
What keeps me going is that I know things will change in time. I don't quite know what and when, but they will(:

Tot ziens voor nu(:

I don't know what today is...

That's what I thought when I woke up around two in the afternoon. I am aware of the date, and it's about a week before school starts. I just wasn't sure what kind of day it was supposed to be. I go to sleep and wake up at weird hours and everything just seems odd.

And my night was going pretty well.. Until it wasn't.

Just some people, and the things they do.. aren't so great/: I can not change them, nor can I tell them to change. People say they want you to be honest with them, but the truth is when they hear something they don't like, they get all offended. If you can't change your friends, change what friends you have, I guess(: Like my lovely wife says, "If someone's causing me more grief than happiness, they're out." And I agree with her, but that means there's some work I've got to do.

But one good thing that came out of this night was the song that I wrote(: I think I did a good job, and I plan to make a little music video and upload it to facebook as soon as I can(:

Arrivederci per ora(:
-smile on-

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Reasoning?

So anywhodle, one reason I had this blog made was to have a sort of creative writing outlet. Also to be able to kind of vent and get things out and down in writing whether it's for anyone or even just myself to read. But in truth, I unfortunately cannot tell of everything that I would like to be able to share because simply- some things must be kept exclusive. Don't get the wrong impression- despite some of the things I do and occasional trouble I get myself into, I am a pretty good person(:

So it has been another sleepless night, and as I have told some people, I have sort of become nocturnal.

My amazing (facebook official) wife, Morgan, is sleeping over at mi casa(=  We (Morgan, her brother, my sister and I) went to the diner for a while, technically yesterday. These days are just getting so mixed up, I can never be sure of which day it is anymore. I can't speak for everyone, but I had a good time(: I enjoy doing whatever with them people(:

Of course I am keeping out many details, time is winding down again, but I'll be on later. Adieu, chou, and bye for now(:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Here's The Beginning

I've got to start off somewhere, right? The end of summer is coming nigh, the start of my sophomore year coming close. To close, in my opinion. Summer was just starting to get so wonderfully amazingly great(: But there's no reason that just because summer ends that the fun has to as well. I'm looking forward to more good times and crazy nights in the near future(: But in the present, I'm really stressing about school and the things I need and don't yet have. Time and money seem to be the biggest problems at the moment, there's just never enough of it. Johnny Carson once said, "The only thing money gives you is the freedom of not worrying about money." and I agree for the most part.

So hopefully I'll have more interesting things to write about next time, but as for now time is winding down, so I must bid my goodnight and adieu, but not for long(:
-smile on-