Monday, August 23, 2010

I was trying to be nice

Some people, and particular individuals just get to me.. No, I'm being nice there, they fucking piss me off! If I knew what the hell to do about it, I would take control of the situation and the drivel poppycock would finally stop. But if I stand up it could get worse, is what I fear/:

So the reason of me being bothered today is that I was only recently told these exact words by someone:
"Just to let know, you're going to burn in hell and satan's going to stick his cock in your mouth and you're going to suck it!"
Uhm, ouch:P
Yeah, I know I should be above the nonsensical twaddle this person speaks, but it just really upset me. And I was all ready to go on a rant, but I calmed down to fast/: I don't like the thing about me when I'm trying to be mad, I sometimes lose that fire so quickly.
So I did what I usually do when I don't know what to do- nothing.
Yep. No fists, no rude remark even, just sat there.
What keeps me going is that I know things will change in time. I don't quite know what and when, but they will(:

Tot ziens voor nu(:

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