Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Reasoning?

So anywhodle, one reason I had this blog made was to have a sort of creative writing outlet. Also to be able to kind of vent and get things out and down in writing whether it's for anyone or even just myself to read. But in truth, I unfortunately cannot tell of everything that I would like to be able to share because simply- some things must be kept exclusive. Don't get the wrong impression- despite some of the things I do and occasional trouble I get myself into, I am a pretty good person(:

So it has been another sleepless night, and as I have told some people, I have sort of become nocturnal.

My amazing (facebook official) wife, Morgan, is sleeping over at mi casa(=  We (Morgan, her brother, my sister and I) went to the diner for a while, technically yesterday. These days are just getting so mixed up, I can never be sure of which day it is anymore. I can't speak for everyone, but I had a good time(: I enjoy doing whatever with them people(:

Of course I am keeping out many details, time is winding down again, but I'll be on later. Adieu, chou, and bye for now(:

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