Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer shouldn't end so soon/:

It turns out it was a big misunderstanding:P
I was told by an apparent unreliable source that two of my friends had together decided to end our friendship, and ouch- that hurt. The little details aren't very important but shortly after the one friend texted me and told me that what I heard was a lie/: It's very hard to know what and who to believe.

So it turns out my schedule for school has been misplaced, which in turn means I should be prepared to be unprepared on the first day... Yeahh... Oh well, it's just school, I don't care much for it(:

Today I did a little school shopping, concluded my mom is a stingy spender and I really need to get a job:P I can not wait for the day that I get a place of my own. Ohh, a place of my own(:

My song Hello, Mr. Fly was recently finished and posted to facebook(: I'm not to fond of my voice but I'm quite proud of the lyrics that I wrote... The end of the song tells of what true friends are, and it just gets me thinking of my own friends, and the people who are, aren't, and the ones that claim to be...
And the memories.
I don't feel like feeling, emotions make me queasy.

I should go clean my messy cubicle sized room now.

Byebye for now(:

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