Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's say it's a good week and leave it at that.

Looks like I've finally got time for blogging, so that's what I'll do, so be prepared for everything I remember most about this week:

MONDAY- On monday a good ole friend of mine texted me, asking to hang out 'cause he got off of work early and wanted to chill for a little, but I didn't get off until around 8:30, so the crazy kid waited for over half an hour for me to get off work. We walked around a bit, and he hid behind a car when I wasn't paying attention and intended to scare me. I didn't like that very much and when a dog was let out from a house not to far away, I freaked out and found Nate behind one of the parked cars and told him to be quiet, 'cause honestly, hiding that late at night would have seemed kind of suspicious to me. He hit his head on the car mirror- I laughed.(X When the dog and people finally went away, we continued walking and I stole his hat. When we were close to where he works and nearish my house, we hugged each other good bye. But it was a very long goodbye.(: I could have hugged him aalll night... But of course I didn't, we both had to be home by a certain time.

TUESDAY- Tuesday, I returned my friend's hat- or more so he just took it from me. Which is okay, 'cause it's so big that I look like a freaking elf in it.(X I went to the bank and opened up a checking account- heck yeahh.:D I get a magical card that I can purchase things with in about a week.:3 I also worked from five to nine this day.. I think this was the day my mum was really late picking me up. Yep. 

WEDNESDAY- Oh, lovely wednesday. I woke up on time for the first time! Then I missed my bus. ACTUALLY- I was almost at my bus stop when the new bus lady passed me. I was quite upset when this happened. Ya know what I did? I walked to school, which takes me about forty minutes. I was almost at school when my bus came by again, but this time with all the middle schoolers. She wanted me to get on, but I walked most of the way, so I was going to walk the rest. Frankly, I was pissed at her for passing me in the first place. I made it just in time get to first period.(: But I was freezing cold and my legs ached. I didn't even stand up to be polite to the people reciting the pledge. But exercise in the morning does wake a person up for the rest of the day, and that surely worked for me this day, so I was in a pretty good mood.(: 
In gym we took a little test on bowling and such, then did some archery. I must say, my skills aren't as bad as I thought they were. Aaannnnd this kid who likes me called me a jerk and asked for a hug. NO. He's not very nice to me, ssooooo.. Yeah.
Anywho, after school I simply had to walk home to stop by the library because I had a couple of overdue books. On the way I was picked up by none other than the amazing Zach and Nate.(: Quite much fun with those two, driving around, getting lost, spilling green tea everywhere.. Well, actually that last part was actually quite upsetting. Tea all in the back of Zach's car, and soaked through my backpack./: I need a new backpack. 

THURSDAY- Woke up this morning feeling reeealllyy sick. I shouldn't have gone to school today I suppose, but I don't very much like missing school. I don't like having to make up missed work. And I like seeing my friends.(: The school day went by very slowly today, not much exciting happened. Called off work 'cause I feel really, really sick today, which is probably from walking to school yesterday, so this is how I pay for it. 

I don't have school tomorrow, but I still gatta go to work at five. I wonder how my weekend's gonna go?(:

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Work, work, work. (Pub, Club, Sleep)

The title is the name of a song, and only have true in my case. I've just been working a lot, and getting lotsa tips, and have yet to open a checking account so I can buy some stuffs online, as I've been planning.(:

Uhh... I'm not sure what else of important matters I wanted to share, so I guess that's itt./:

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh sh*t!!

I have a story to tell you, of something actually interesting that recently happened. See, on thursday I was working, and it was like, the second time I was using my bank, which involves me dealing with money and what not. When it was time for me to cash out, I was short nearly fourty dollars, and my good pal Oksanna was over about the same ammount, so I was told by (I think he's a manager in training or something) Orlando. Well, everything seemed to be in order when I left. BUT. After I got home, right before I went to bed, I was taking my tip money out of my apron, when what do I find? Thirty-seven dollars, and coupon. I felt so scared and embarrased. I didn't know what was going to happen. "Would they fire me? No, it was an accident. Will I get reprimanded and yelled at?" was what was going through my head. I could NOT get to sleep that night, and I had off friday, and I would have gone into work and returned the money... but friday was my day off, I had plans and things to do!(: So, TODAY, I walk into work. I take off my coat in the back, and I walk up to Carrie. I told her the truth of what happened. And.... she wasn't mad in the slightest! In fact, the opposite! She and the other new manager (I forget her name) were actually really happy that I was honest about it!(: They thought that since it was reallyy busy on thursday, incorrect change was accidentally given to the customers. But no, all is well now.(: I was so relieved and felt so happy about the outcome. I would not, could not keep that money even if they told me to. 

Also, today I got a really bad, itchy, stinging, red rash on my arms at work. It hurt soooo bad.): I was told it was because of the sanitiser used for washing dishes, so I can't use that stuff.:P It was really bad and I was kinda scared because of it. I walked up to Carrie, and all I could do was show her my arm and say "Uhmm, Carrie? My arm.... really hurts." I think it kinda scared her too becuase well, she looked surprised or shocked or something. But, I think it's all good now.(:

So yeah Friday. Ohmygosh, speaking of friday, I heard this song that I found on the Smosh website, called Friday by Rebecca Black... Is it a joke? Or do people actually like that?? Is she related to Sarah Palen?? She sounds like it.:P I could write a much better song than that!! Lots of people could! Many people could make a better music video than that crappy thing! I HATE the way she says friday! It's like, all nasely. "Frieeeeday." :P and listen to this:  "Partyin', partyin'. *Yeah!* Partyin', partyin'. *Yeah!* Fun, fun, fun, fun, lookin' forward to the weekend. Yesterday was thursday, thursday. Today is friday, friday. We we we so excited. We so excited, we gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is saterday, and sunday comes afterwards. I don't want this weekend to end!" 
Well I do! So you can shut up and stop stating the obvious! And so I don't have to hear that annoying voice and stupid grammer! "We so excited" ????? What the F**K. Really. 

I really got sidetraked, didn't I?:P Back to MY friday.(: I hung out with Ryan Faustie after school, I had fun.(: We went to the mall, and within like, 10 minutes of being there I already got what I wanted. Which was this men's body wash that smells like pine. I love it so much.(: Ry and I roamed around the mall a bit, went in F.Y.E. and H&M, where I got a grey, yellow, and peach colored hoodie.(: We also got some chinese food, and Ry went on about how Asians were so great 'cause they're so hardworking, smart, and make good food.:P We also went to the Salvation Army, saw some interesting things there, saw some cool things there, saw some weird things there, and I got some really cute shoes for seven bucks.:D I was quite happy.(: Ry and I went back to my place to play a little music for each other, then he had to leave to "plan a secretive event" or something.:P 

Well, I'm cold, still wearing my work uniform, and it's one o'clock.

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tired & Sick

I'm really tired. And kinda sick still. It 's a major bummer. I've been to tired to even blog lately, and that's pretty tired! I could hardly stay awake in 4th period. Actually, I fell asleep like, 3 times that class, I think. It wasn't just your regular "I'm tired", it was: "If I durn't sleep Ill'm ganna pass..." Out- pass out. I was THAT freaking tired! Ugh.

I forget what else I wanted to share.... I should just go to bed now.:P

Au revoir les amis.(:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New happenings?

Crazy shit. To bad I can't really talk about it for a couple reasons. The main reason is because I don't want to risk myself getting into some kind of trouble, so I'll stay on the safe side and just say crazy shit has been going on. Yup.

My dearest friend who I've known pretty much all my life, invited me to her baby shower. Yeah, I know she lives in Maryland, but like I said, I've known her alllll myyyy lifffeeee, so she's like an awesome sister to me. But, we don't fight, which is why she isn't like a real sister to me, and she's nice and really awesome,  compared to the sisters I actually have.:P (Still love you shitloads, VRon!) But see, my  mum won't let me go./: Which really upsets me, 'cause I really miss the little lady.): She's goin' git her licensee on.. Tuesday, I believe. She IS.(: Then she'll drive her butt up to P of freaking A and visit me. Maybe rescue me, if capable. Can't wait.(:

Work has been kinda busy. No, that's a lie. During the week it isn't really busy at work, but it keeps me busy. I love going in there and getting all cheered up after I've been in a bad mood because of shit at home.(: The other day somehow my manager Jim knew I was upset. How? I have no freaking clue. But he did his best to try to cheer me up, being all goofy. That silly old man.:D It worked.(:

I had off today, and I made plans to hang out with a friend; go to the library; go to some organic shop down the road from where I live; do homework; wash clothes.... and I think that was all... But my friend had to cancel; I did get to go to the library, but I finished one of the books I checked out right after I renewed it.:P ; I didn't get to go to the organic shop; I haven't started on my buttload of homework yet; and I still need to wash my clothes. *sigh* I DID take a nap for a couple hours. Yay?:P No, waste of my day./: And I'm still tired. It took me a lot of energy to get up off of the couch.:P

I'm facebook instant messaging two people. One of which I have never actually met and haven't talked to in a whiiiileee, and the other who: I've made the assumption that, well, I said to him:

I saw your status, and I got excited that you were online, and I wasn't sure why, then I realized you're like one of the onlyy people that has never upset me. My close friends have let me down, and you never had any reason to./: True story.(:

Oh, random question from my OTHER sister (the one whom I dislike, yes?)

Tor- "Why won't you accept my friend request?"
Me- "I'm busy,"
Tor- "No, why won't you accept it,"
Me- (short pause) "because I don't like you."
Tor- (talks quietly, almost to only herself) "Yeah whatever. You like me."

I wanted to get all up in her face and go, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I DON'T like you." I don't see why she doesn't understand that.:P

I just chuckled to myself.(:

I better get busy with homework and stuff soon, before this day is ooooverrrr!

Au revoir, les amis.:D

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working, eleven thirty to two thirty

I walked to work, I worked, I walked home. 
My feet really HURT!

Today wasn't so eventful, except the crazy lunch rush at work, oohhhh mahhh gawshhh! 
Crazy crazy, indeed.

I recovered some tunes onto my iPod, The Rakes. 
Hell yeah, I missed listening to that shit.(: 

I'm in that mood, ya know, the one where you miss your friends, especially the ones you haven't seen in a while and have had awesome adventures with? Yeah, I'm due for an adventure with some friends soon, I can almost feel it. I need it. 

I want to go on a trip. 
A spontaneous trip. To a friendly place I don't know. 
Leave all my worries to rot themselves and start fresh.
I'll tackle the new worries with a can-do attitude before things even have a chance to fall apart. 
I want a chance to be completely care free. 
No worries. I want my self consciousness to evaporate in the sun.
But I don't want to be alone.
I want to laugh at silly simple things.
Yes, I want to go on a trip.

Au revoir, les amis.(:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Working, five to nine.

I completely forgot today was a half day of school until my sister told me this very morning, and that's one sweet deal, if I may say so myself.(: So a shortened school day, then a nap, then frustration about getting my work clothes and being at work on time. My mum was going to take me, but she had to go to her job, and left without me.:P I thought I was going to have to walk to work and be late, but my sisters sweet boyfriend was kind enough to drive me, so I made it on time.(: I'm liking work, it keeps my mind off crap that bothers me, so working makes me happy.(: 

...At least it does now, I bet I'm going to hate having to go to work sometime in the future, we'll see if and when that happens. 

Well I've gatta go,

Au revoir, les amis!:D