Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh sh*t!!

I have a story to tell you, of something actually interesting that recently happened. See, on thursday I was working, and it was like, the second time I was using my bank, which involves me dealing with money and what not. When it was time for me to cash out, I was short nearly fourty dollars, and my good pal Oksanna was over about the same ammount, so I was told by (I think he's a manager in training or something) Orlando. Well, everything seemed to be in order when I left. BUT. After I got home, right before I went to bed, I was taking my tip money out of my apron, when what do I find? Thirty-seven dollars, and coupon. I felt so scared and embarrased. I didn't know what was going to happen. "Would they fire me? No, it was an accident. Will I get reprimanded and yelled at?" was what was going through my head. I could NOT get to sleep that night, and I had off friday, and I would have gone into work and returned the money... but friday was my day off, I had plans and things to do!(: So, TODAY, I walk into work. I take off my coat in the back, and I walk up to Carrie. I told her the truth of what happened. And.... she wasn't mad in the slightest! In fact, the opposite! She and the other new manager (I forget her name) were actually really happy that I was honest about it!(: They thought that since it was reallyy busy on thursday, incorrect change was accidentally given to the customers. But no, all is well now.(: I was so relieved and felt so happy about the outcome. I would not, could not keep that money even if they told me to. 

Also, today I got a really bad, itchy, stinging, red rash on my arms at work. It hurt soooo bad.): I was told it was because of the sanitiser used for washing dishes, so I can't use that stuff.:P It was really bad and I was kinda scared because of it. I walked up to Carrie, and all I could do was show her my arm and say "Uhmm, Carrie? My arm.... really hurts." I think it kinda scared her too becuase well, she looked surprised or shocked or something. But, I think it's all good now.(:

So yeah Friday. Ohmygosh, speaking of friday, I heard this song that I found on the Smosh website, called Friday by Rebecca Black... Is it a joke? Or do people actually like that?? Is she related to Sarah Palen?? She sounds like it.:P I could write a much better song than that!! Lots of people could! Many people could make a better music video than that crappy thing! I HATE the way she says friday! It's like, all nasely. "Frieeeeday." :P and listen to this:  "Partyin', partyin'. *Yeah!* Partyin', partyin'. *Yeah!* Fun, fun, fun, fun, lookin' forward to the weekend. Yesterday was thursday, thursday. Today is friday, friday. We we we so excited. We so excited, we gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is saterday, and sunday comes afterwards. I don't want this weekend to end!" 
Well I do! So you can shut up and stop stating the obvious! And so I don't have to hear that annoying voice and stupid grammer! "We so excited" ????? What the F**K. Really. 

I really got sidetraked, didn't I?:P Back to MY friday.(: I hung out with Ryan Faustie after school, I had fun.(: We went to the mall, and within like, 10 minutes of being there I already got what I wanted. Which was this men's body wash that smells like pine. I love it so much.(: Ry and I roamed around the mall a bit, went in F.Y.E. and H&M, where I got a grey, yellow, and peach colored hoodie.(: We also got some chinese food, and Ry went on about how Asians were so great 'cause they're so hardworking, smart, and make good food.:P We also went to the Salvation Army, saw some interesting things there, saw some cool things there, saw some weird things there, and I got some really cute shoes for seven bucks.:D I was quite happy.(: Ry and I went back to my place to play a little music for each other, then he had to leave to "plan a secretive event" or something.:P 

Well, I'm cold, still wearing my work uniform, and it's one o'clock.

Au revoir, les amis.(:


  1. So what does 'O sh*t' have to do with your writing? I think you could come up with a better Title, don't you?

  2. The title is "Oh sh*t" because of the degree of intenseness of the events that had happened, and because of such, that was all I could think of to title it. Yes, I could come up with a better title, if I could have thought of something better than what first came to mind.