Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New happenings?

Crazy shit. To bad I can't really talk about it for a couple reasons. The main reason is because I don't want to risk myself getting into some kind of trouble, so I'll stay on the safe side and just say crazy shit has been going on. Yup.

My dearest friend who I've known pretty much all my life, invited me to her baby shower. Yeah, I know she lives in Maryland, but like I said, I've known her alllll myyyy lifffeeee, so she's like an awesome sister to me. But, we don't fight, which is why she isn't like a real sister to me, and she's nice and really awesome,  compared to the sisters I actually have.:P (Still love you shitloads, VRon!) But see, my  mum won't let me go./: Which really upsets me, 'cause I really miss the little lady.): She's goin' git her licensee on.. Tuesday, I believe. She IS.(: Then she'll drive her butt up to P of freaking A and visit me. Maybe rescue me, if capable. Can't wait.(:

Work has been kinda busy. No, that's a lie. During the week it isn't really busy at work, but it keeps me busy. I love going in there and getting all cheered up after I've been in a bad mood because of shit at home.(: The other day somehow my manager Jim knew I was upset. How? I have no freaking clue. But he did his best to try to cheer me up, being all goofy. That silly old man.:D It worked.(:

I had off today, and I made plans to hang out with a friend; go to the library; go to some organic shop down the road from where I live; do homework; wash clothes.... and I think that was all... But my friend had to cancel; I did get to go to the library, but I finished one of the books I checked out right after I renewed it.:P ; I didn't get to go to the organic shop; I haven't started on my buttload of homework yet; and I still need to wash my clothes. *sigh* I DID take a nap for a couple hours. Yay?:P No, waste of my day./: And I'm still tired. It took me a lot of energy to get up off of the couch.:P

I'm facebook instant messaging two people. One of which I have never actually met and haven't talked to in a whiiiileee, and the other who: I've made the assumption that, well, I said to him:

I saw your status, and I got excited that you were online, and I wasn't sure why, then I realized you're like one of the onlyy people that has never upset me. My close friends have let me down, and you never had any reason to./: True story.(:

Oh, random question from my OTHER sister (the one whom I dislike, yes?)

Tor- "Why won't you accept my friend request?"
Me- "I'm busy,"
Tor- "No, why won't you accept it,"
Me- (short pause) "because I don't like you."
Tor- (talks quietly, almost to only herself) "Yeah whatever. You like me."

I wanted to get all up in her face and go, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I DON'T like you." I don't see why she doesn't understand that.:P

I just chuckled to myself.(:

I better get busy with homework and stuff soon, before this day is ooooverrrr!

Au revoir, les amis.:D

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