Friday, March 4, 2011

Working, five to nine.

I completely forgot today was a half day of school until my sister told me this very morning, and that's one sweet deal, if I may say so myself.(: So a shortened school day, then a nap, then frustration about getting my work clothes and being at work on time. My mum was going to take me, but she had to go to her job, and left without me.:P I thought I was going to have to walk to work and be late, but my sisters sweet boyfriend was kind enough to drive me, so I made it on time.(: I'm liking work, it keeps my mind off crap that bothers me, so working makes me happy.(: 

...At least it does now, I bet I'm going to hate having to go to work sometime in the future, we'll see if and when that happens. 

Well I've gatta go,

Au revoir, les amis!:D

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