Friday, February 4, 2011


Today didn't really feel like friday, because our school had two days off this week due to the weather. Hmm... The school day was pretty good, in Alg. 2 there was a substitute, who let us listen to iPods. In gym I practiced for the silver circuit and played a little volleyball. In art I finished a project and played with clay a little. In chemistry the whole class we were going over conversions for the metric system, during which I read from a book I got from the library. The teacher didn't really mind this, but asked if I gave up on trying to understand, because a lot of the students had gotten confused. I said no and explained what I understood was going on. Haha!(: In fifth period (photography) the teacher was doing something most of the time so I just read some more. It's a rather good book... Repossessed, I think it's called. It's much better than I thought it would be, about a demon, I believe, named Kaliel, or something. He leaves his duties to posses a teen who was just about to die, and views the world through human eyes, and is very observant and easily fascinated by the simplest things. I like that, and I like how it makes me feel the need to be more observant and curious about things.(:

When I got home I was rather tired, so I just lied on my cluttered bed for a while.. Then I straightened up my room. Then I ate a taco. Then I checked my email. Then my mum took me to the Mount Joy Diner. Then I waited for a friend and read some more.(: Then he arrived, and we were there for.. a few hours. And I saw a couple more friends there, how lovely.(: Then I walked home in the lovely cold air. It felt nice, I'm not sure why, walking alone in the frigid dark. I guess it was because I was thinking about other memories- past days of being outside.. And again the friends I miss./: Which reminds me-

I am to see my wife tomorrow, and finally watch A Clockwork Orange, I'm quite excited!:D I loved the book, so hopefully I enjoy the movie too.(: My dear friend Ali told me she is in the process of drivers ed, and should have her license and car by March, so she can drive from Maryland to come and see me.(; I think I'm going to hang out with Dylan after school on monday; I do miss the kid./: Seems like a bit more is going on than my usual boring life- my only reason is 'cause February is MY month.:D Don't know exactly why or how, but that's how it's ganna be.(:

hugs, kisses,

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