Monday, February 7, 2011

Every other monday is Library Day for me.(:

Personally, I like cycle days 4 and 6 at school. Those are the days my schedule goes as such: Algebra II, Wellness, Ceramics I, Chemistry, and Sculpture. They're just easygoing days for me.(: The days I do not like are gym days.:P If I could, I'd have Wellness class everyday.(: 
But for gym, I lost my gym shorts./: Somehow they disappeared, and I am quite upset about it./: I'm not sure which is more important- money, or my grade, because if I just wear regular athletic shorts, that's like 5 points off of a total of 20 per day!): It's totally not fair. At Lower Dauphin, all I needed was a change of athletic clothes that were some tint or shade of blue, black or white- the school colors, that is. Not a stupid uniform like at Donegal.:P It's not like it's really expensive, the shorts cost about seven dollars. And if my mum (since I still don't have a job) can't afford that, I do not want to have to trade my fleece gym pants (which I have not yet received from school) for shorts. Truth is, I never had sweatpants before, and I think they'd be really comfortable to me.  So that's my unfortunate little dilemma. 

I was texting my mom about that stuff, and I must say, I enjoyed the conversation I had with her, even though I was mostly complaining about how tired I am of unfair things, and life.:P I don't think I've talked to her that deeply before via texting.:P She just told me that things'll get better once I get a job. That's what she always when I'm upset about life. But I still don't have a job, and life is frustrating me NOW. I'm quite impatient. 

I finally finished the book Repossessed today, and my favorite part is where it says, 
"It's the glitches and the twists that make this universe unique and compelling. Without flaws, there would be no depth."(:

I had to walk from the high school to the library, to home. Well, I didn't really have to, I just think it's an adventure, I never know who or what I'll see on the way.(: I returned two books, renewed one, and checked out three others. Not sure which order I'll read them in, but I'm hoping they're good.(: I like good books.:D

Yesterday night I was meditating a bit, and I had the strangest thought: what if, in the mornings at school before the bell rings, what if I just sat down and started meditating?:D That'd be a nice way to start the morning, and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.(: I'd start the day being 'one with the universe.' I just might do that when the weather gets warmer so I can do it outside, 'cause I always feel so much better outside.(: But of course some people would gawk and think I'm weird. Well, I am weird, and happy to be.(: And I'm going to do the things I enjoy that effect my life in positive ways, yep.(:

Looks like it's getting kind of late,

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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