Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did you REALLY just-?

This morning I've been kinda lazy, not doing much besides cleaning up a tad, laundry, shower, stuff like that. Last night was pretty fun and I pigged out eating an ice cream sunday.

Anywhoo, that's not all important. No, I just wanted to share something that in my mind is really, REALLY dumb.(:

I was doing my hair, and at one o'clock I got a text from a friend of mine, asking what I was up to. I didn't respond right away, didn't very much feel like talking to that friend in case she asked if I wanted to hang out with her, which I didn't. 
Half an hour later I texted her that I was just doing my hair and she replies: 

"Haha kk im going to my bday party soon wit my grandma and (other friend of mine's name here) sorry i didnt invite u i though u had to work."

I texted back: 
"Yeah, at 5."

(no reply still as I write this.)

Then I thought for a minute.. Wait... Did you REALLY just brag text me? 
You freaking.. Prat. 

So in my mind, what she said was, 
(in a mimicking voice)"Oh hey, what'cha doin'? Oh yeah I'm going to my birthday party that I didn't invite you to 'cause.. I totally planned this before I even knew whether you'd be working or not, ('cause I didn't tell her, and I'm still training) and I'm an ass like that. Yeah"

So yeah, her birthday's in a couple days, and I'm still broke and... don't even- wouldn't even want to bother with getting her a present, so yeah.(:

There are so many things I thought to text back instead, but I didn't. If she ever reads this and understands who it's about, I hope she can put herself in my place and understand how dumb she is.(: 

P.S.  I may sound like a bitch cat, but if you knew her, you'd understand.

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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