Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Now, where did I leave off?(:
Anywhoodle, I've been hanging out with a friend of mine's little sister lately, who is pretty cool, but I didn't know she was like 4 years younger than me.:O But age doesn't matter, and she's a state too.(; Awesome sleepovers, I must say. Here's a montage of words to describe the awesomeness: toilet; cones; 1000 ways to die; fire ants; 'Homo & Tits'; eggs; signs; spoons; CHEESE!:D
I get to go for my license next month.:O I'm anxious and nervous about it. I still need to practice parallel parking yet.:P I wonder what my first car will be..(:
Dreaming's nice.(:
I dream often.
Like the dream of mine of switching rooms with my sister, Victoria. I proposed the idea to my mum, with many facts on why it would be a beneficial move, but she said "I can't give you an answer this week."
What the ffff?
Bahhh, I dream to much.
Hey, I get paid on the seventh, which means I'll have almost a thousand dollars to hold onto. Realizing that makes me realize how quickly money can come and go. I want to spend it on things like, new glasses, equipment to create a little studio (in the room currently occupied by Victoria), a futon... Stuff like that.
Ohmygosh, I can hardly wait for tomorrow- Holly's taking me to Salvation Army.:D And apparently everything is half off on wednesdays, so I'm hopin' to get some good shoppin' done.(; We might also go to the mall, and who knows what else?(: I loooveeeee thrift stores, soooosososoo much, and Salvation Army is the beeeeeaassttt.:D

I better go so I don't waste too much time in front of the computer. 'Till then,

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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