Saturday, October 1, 2011

A glimpse, a glance, a gander at the past.

I know I hate it when others change, 
But I've changed too-
I know it's true.
Looking through those old pictures:
I couldn't contain silent tears from running down. 
I know not exactly where this sorrow came from, 
I think I shall like to find it, 
Not to face it, but to hush it.
I feel scared that I'm losing myself, 
or am already lost. 
My past faces.
Was life better then?
I ALWAYS want to be somewhere else,
somebody else. 
When will I ever be perfectly content?
Surely not when I have everything, 
for, what is every concrete desire if it isn't shared??
A waste, I have come to learn, 
but blanket this in my mind.
Maybe if I rid of everything? 
Life is hard with what little I already have.
But I dream of living a transcendental life.
Dreaming constantly, makes my heart heavy.
I know I shouldn't torture myself by the pondering
and dwelling I do on dreams and desires,
But I lack the will to pursue. 
My mind tortures itself.

Smile on, lovers.

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