Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh Sheesh Ya'll!

I'm not even going to state the obvious heere.
Just got back from Delaware Friday. Not a big fan of the beach. Got a horrible watch tan... 
Last post I do believe I said I was saving up for a camera, and guess who has a camera? This chick!:D I also bought a tripod, but that piece of crap broke within a couple days./: I need to get a new tripod now.
I think I have a spending problem, but I'm getting that worked out.(: 
Know what else I have? Bitchy sisters, that's what. I'm anxious for them to move out, go bug someone else.:P 
My room's a complete wreck. I haven't slept in my bed since i got back, it's that bad.:P I do have off tomorrow, so hopefully I can get it cleaned! And hopefully I can get my nose pierced as soon as that's done!
Anywhoodle, today was a pretty good dayy. I rode my bike to work at 11:30ish, was on skates for eight hours, and rode my bike home. Theen I let my sister and her bf use my card to redbox some movies, got a shower, and hung out with some cool kids.(: Hilarious kids! I thought we were going to get beat up by some bitches that started yelling shit when Jesse threw a quarter across the road, and I saw Ryan Faustie while walking by Mojo.:D Fun funnn.(:

Au revoir, les amis?(:

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