Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hold on to your kite, just don't let me down

I really haven't been writing in my blog as often as I'd like to- that's the truth. But I'm trying, that's that's the truth too.(: 

Recently I've been listening to podcasts on my new iPod. I love to listen to the HowStuffWorks podcast because they discuss interesting topics from "Why do people blush?" to "How sleepwalking works". The other podcast I listen to once daily is the "Learn to Meditate", which is really amazing and I learn so much from it.. I'll most likely write more on that another time.(:

I can NOT wait to get my melodica!:D I ordered it tuesday, so it should be here in FIVE MORE DAYS! And I'm impatient. But really excited, as you can see.(:

Another thing I am STILL waiting to get is a job.:P I've been filling out and handing in applications, but STILL nowhere I look is hiring./: So I'll just have to enjoy being jobless in the meantime. 

I wonder what I'll be doing this weekend, hopefully something fun and/or constructive.(: But right now it's raining.): And I hate dreary days such as these./: Hopefully I still have a good day regardless.

I feel like I have a very sound mind (today at least) despite the despairing things that have been on my  mind which I've been trying to suppress. I've also been talking and listening to people and things which help lots.(: Friends always help.(:

Well, until next time, 
Tot ziens voor nu.(:

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