Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Was Born A Unicorn(:

I'm not really a unicorn(; That's just the name of a song by The Unicorns (of course) that's stuck in my head. I was singing it today when I was with my grandmother and aunt and they thought me odd(; Oh well.
Maybe I'm a little crazy, but that's okay, some of the best artists, writers and people were(:
This morning I woke up quite early, even though I went to bed some time after 12. Probably because I fell asleep for ten hours after coming home friday after not sleeping at all the night before(X
I went with the family to work to be picked up by my grandmother early today (no way I want to work at the same place as all of them) I heard my mom talking to this guy, "don't ever have kids," he said he had two boys and my mom replied, "oh, lucky youu." 
I was standing right there. Ouch. Not like I asked for her to give birth to me:P
Veronica told me our mother says stuff like that at work every day/: 

I went to my g-ma's church to check out the yard sale going on there, then stopped at her house, then to a place called the Hobby Lobby that my aunt wanted to check outt. It was a pretty cool craft store, I got some dominoes I plan to make a neat-o speed-o bracelet with; a nice sized little red journal; AND this like, silk screen paint in a can:D I can't wait to make awesome stuff with that(((: We also went to a small place like Saturday's market and a consignment store, which both had nice stuff, but I didn't have any extra money left over/:

I also had an interesting experience at the Burger King that was nearby. I ordered a veggie burger and my aunt and g-ma did the same, which was cool(: But there was only like, three people working there, (one of which was a rather bitchy girl- I'm sorry but it's truee) and so the line was long and slow going, and the guy behind us told us he worked there but had off today and the girl working was never in a good mood. I kinda felt bad for the guy that works there/: The girl messed up his order and got pissed, and even another guy's order who was in the drive through and came in to get the order straight. It was quite a sight(X

So yeah, until I got home, I had a good day with my grandmother and aunt(:

But now I'm home/: And I don't want to be/: And I'm grounded for a week from going out for a bit on thursday, can't go anywhere, and mum took away my phone/: And I wish it was Sunday so I could go to school tomorrow and see my friends(: Oh well, I'll try to endure tomorrow and actually do something productive(:

Tot ziens voor nu(:

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