Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Man this is good soymilk."

Life does treat me right sometimes.(: 
My weekend went kind of... really... AWESOME, right?:D 
On friday I went home on the bus with Star, and on her bus I saw lovely Tanner and Jess. (Mental Note: I need to hang out with Jess sometime soonishly) Her two little sisters had some friends over too, and when we all later went to the pizza shop, they were acting very rowdy and obnoctious. I still don't really like kids.:P But when they weren't being anoying, they were very silly and fun to be around.(:
We also went to the tennis court, and I think I'm actually not that bad.(; Except I left my keys there that night, and as soon as Stars mom dropped me off at home, I realized, then we had to go back and get them of course. I felt bad because they were running late meeting someone at the mall to begin with./: 
Fortunately all went well, and shorty after I got home, my longlostfriendwhomovedtoMaryland came over and we hung out at my house for a while. I suggested we go to Mojo because I hate being stuck in the house. We walked there together and when her dad came to pick her up they suggested that I slept over.(: I'm soooo glad I got to, Ali and her dad are so funny and so much fun.:D We went to Gus's (they have terrible fries there, by the way) and then to Giant for a Redbox movie and some food for me, being that they didn't have many vegan choises at their house. That night Ali and I watched The Lost Tribe. It was really fake, and I laughed through most of it, even though it was a horror movie. I guess I just thought it was funny.(; 
I quoted myself in the title, which I said as I was eating cereal, it was stupid how long we laughed at that.(X It was probably one of those "you had to be there" moments to understand the humor of it.(: Ali called me a nerd because I was upset that the movie didn't educate you more about the missing link that was eating people in The Lost Tribe. I guess she's right.(: Since she was quite tired, she fell asleep while watched Catch Me If You Can, a really good movie in my opinion.(: 
This morning we went to Mojo for breakfast/lunch, they make fun of me for having fries.:P 
I don't think I left to much out about my awesome weekend, but if I remember to add something else, I will.(;

On another matter, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!:D But I guess I'll have to(;

Byebye for now, friends.(:

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