Saturday, January 8, 2011

And I'm content to walk a little slower, because there's nowhere that I really need to be.

On thursday Dylan drove me home after school... Well, actually we drove to HIS home, where we checked in to see his mom, then we went to the local coffee shop. For some coffee, of course.(: We went to get Nicky and Zach, who wanted to get coffee, so we went back to the same place, except that time we sat right by the window. Since mostly all they talked about is masturbation, (I concur with the fact that Zach is a chronic masturbator) I just let my mind wander onto other matters. After being at the coffee shop until we were told that it was closing time, we eventually went on back to Dylan's house. I was privileged (*cough*) to be able to watch them boys play some (*cough*, lame) 'amazing' card game. Magic. Something. Spent pretty much the whole day (after school) with them lovely boys.:S
Although I did like it better when it was just me and Dylan, 'cause at least then I could be apart of a conversation.:P 

This saturday morning I woke up 'round eight-ish, so that I could get ready to venture to Saturday's Market with Dylan, Zach, and Alexxx. They are some uber geeks, in my opinion, getting all excited, and spending hours looking at them cards.:3 
There were sooo many weird looking, creepy, and smelly people there.D: This one old guy with a perfect white mustache and dark round glasses passed by so many times, and looked at me real queer-like. And another creepy guy pretty much shoved a pamphlet about religion into my hand. Which I threw away when I saw a trashcan. The guys were trying to get me to eat something because this morning I passed out due to, well, the lack of food.:P Dylan made a joke about meat, and it accidentally sounded sexual, so it was pretty funny.(X I listened to two StuffYouShouldKnow podcasts, and one LearnToMeditate podcast, and it was pretty good shit.(:
We went back to Dylan's again eventually, and I watched ILoveYou,Man and half-watched the boys play cards again. Nooottt reall excitin', I might add. I pretty much spent the day with them until four, and in my own world the whole time.

When I did get home, I wasn't real happy about returning. I had no clue what to do! I DID want to library to get some books to read and occupy my time, but it was already closed!D: And closed tomorrow, too.): So my mom said she'd buy me a magazine at Weis, where I ran into Star and her mom.:P I picked a rather nerdy magazine, but nothing else interested me.:P Victoria was still on the computer when I returned home again. We sang some karaoke. Then I got on the computer and we sang MORE.(: Then I got tired from singing, so I decided to write this very blog about my day.:D  

I hear the words you say, I hear the way you say them, but the words you don't say are even louder. 

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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