Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hi. It's been awhile.

I haven't written in my blog for a kind of a long time, huh? Well, here's some of what's new:
The semester- I miss the first semester already.): I miss the friends and easy-breezy, fun classes./: What am I going to do?? Well, at least I got a new binder.(:

I slept over at Star's house last night, and had soo much fun!:D I went home on the bus with her, and a certain place called me to set up an interview- which I went to today, and fingers crossed that I have some luckk to get a job!(: 

I want to make February MY month. Ya know, to start anew. Even though January was the start of the new year, it wasn't a very good start.:P And who says I can't just start something whenever? I say I can!(: 
Start new how? I'm glad you asked.(X Starting February I will go a month without wasting time watching ANY TV or GOING ON FACEBOOK!:O That's what I plan to do, and I hope to succeed.(: Reading books and meditating appeals more to me. And some of the books that I have been reading have really been changing my perspective of things, and I am thankful for them.(: Two specifically are Like We Care, and How NOT to be Popular.(: Yuppers.

Oh, and on another note, I haven't been vegan or vegetarian for a while, and I'm a little upset with myself about it, but what the hell?:P I can choose to do whatever I want!:D

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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