Saturday, January 15, 2011

Insert Interesting Title Here.(:

On thursday, in history class, I got bored, and wrote my mom a letter.(: It read this:

"Dear Mum of Mine,

I am in History class as I write this. Although History is my least favorite class, I really like the teacher, who is a very animated long-term substitute. The kid beside me really smells, but I guess he doesn't know it because his nose is broken, and the kid who sites on the other side of me is absent. But none of that really matters, because this semester is very soon to it's end.

I finished that one book, Is Kissing a Girl who Smokes like Liking an Ashtray? and it was rather short, but quite a  good read, because I could really relate to it.

You're probably wondering why I am writing to you. I don't know, I like writing to people, maybe it's because I'm not as good talking face-to-face to a person because I'm a slow thinker. After reading that book  I began thinking about my father. Wondering if he ever thinks of us- of me- and what his life is like today. If he were to die before I got to see him or contact him once more.. I would be quite upset. Sure he wasn't the greatest as we knew him, a conning, hurtful fellow, but he was, as I remember, wise and intelligent. That's how I believe he and I can relate unlike you and I, sadly. It used to be just Victoria, but now days wI am immediately upset and strongly feel tension when you too, enter the room.

I digress from that subject, I cannot wait to get my permit, and a job. To be able to travel and get away to my preferences. Someday, one day, I'll travel to a European country, maybe England.

I was thinking about the summer vacation we take with the family, to that beach house in Delaware. I'm anxious to go. Actually getting away and staying somewhere else for a while would be really nice. I wouldn't mind someplace kind of rainy, as long as it's warm...
The correlation of thoughts of freedom with moving out has me impatient for it. I'm simply an 'indie'pendant person- who enjoys humorous and intellectual company.

I am nearing the end of this paper, so I should go.

-Virginia McL"

That's what it read, and after reading it, my mom just told me she didn't know what to say. Oh well.

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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