Friday, January 7, 2011

First Major Fail of the Year?:P

This morning, this friday morning, I woke up wondering if we did or did not have a two hour delay off of school. The news on the television said nothing about it, nor did the internet. FOX lied to me, of course. My sister said we did in fact have a delay, but I did not believe her because I did not see it for myself. I called up my mum, who was a work, and asked if she could call the school for me. She called back and confirmed that we did, but by then I was already done getting dressed for school. I was so upset I nearly cried, which is realllyyy odd, because one might think a person would be most joyful for a delay. But no, I was mistaken and already ready for school, which meant I couldn't really go back to sleep, which will mean I will be most tired throughout school and probably when I get home. *Sigh* I guess since I do have an extra two hours awake, I might go to the local coffee shop this morning, not completely sure yet. I haven't even seen what it looks like outside yet. Wish me luck on this day, this hopefully not dreadful day.

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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