Saturday, September 11, 2010

Amazing Freaking Friday Adventure(:


It starts when after quite an exceptionally good day at school, I decided to walk home instead of take the bus because it's more time consuming and i like to do things differently(: On my way people beeped and waved and shouted my name while passing by in their cars haha(: I was almost home when I saw my neighbor, Sarah, so I crossed the street to see what she is up to.
She told me she was going to the firehouse to get some cigs from another middle schooler, and since I didn't have anything better to do, I went with and tagged along.
We checked out an abandoned house along the way that she is soon supposed be moving into, because who doesn't like abandoned houses?(X So eventually we see my neighbors friend (who turns out is a 13 year old slut) and I decided to hang out with them for a bit in the friends back yard which happens to be by the firehouse near where another friend of mine lives. I was getting bored so i told that friend, Shane, to come find me.
I also stole.. I mean FOUND a sign which I put in my back pack which was conveniently still with me at the time(X
Sarah said she wanted to go home for something, I cant remember what, so I went with and left the lil girl and shane, saying we'd come backk..
We found a fat orange cat along the way that Sarah tried to pick up to take home, but it ran away and we made loud awkward meowing sounds the rest of the walk home.
I was home for only about half an hour and even though it was looking gloomy outside, I got bored in the house and started to venture out again and once again ran into Sarah, who said she was on her way to weis. I still had nothing to do so I walked along with, but some other aaannoyying middle schoolers came along, so I just wanted to go away because I don't really like kids. 
Oh, and just then I got into a lil trouble with the police..
A cop PULLED OVER TO ME and Sarah as we were walking because we ran across the street while it said "dont walk" The officer just said don't do it again and I was quickly on my way again, grinning like an idiot.
When two fellows walked out of the coffee shop that I passed and began to follow me, I first didn't pay any mind to them, but when I hear my name being shouted, I turn around to get a better view...
It was Dylan and Nick who saw me and made up their minds to follow me:D
So glad to see them, they follow me, or moreso the lil kids thinking I was following them, but when I missed the street to Shanes house, I told them where I was going and they decide to show me the way, but all we did was hang around mount joy for a while, they are some of the queerest funny people ever(X Interesting, inspiring and amusing stories and views were told  and when shane had to go, dylan drove us to sonics and I heard more stories and opinions and I shared my own and they said something about sex on a broken toilet seat, then drove me home. 
Dylan almost went the wrong way.. not a good driver as he says:D
I told them to stalk me again sometime cuz it was a good day, hugs, smiling, and I enter the house thinking my day of fun ended.

But of course that wasn't the end of the adventure just yet...
I was home on the computer when I get a call from my lovely wife, Morgan, who tells me to go to mojo and to be there at 10:30. We all get there- all meaning Morgan, her brother,(Ryan) my two sisters,(Veronica and Victoria) Victorias friend,(Kat-lyn) Sarah, Alicia, another guy named Dylan and myself, but Victoria, Kat and Sarah left early and left the rest of us there. Which was okay because it was fun, just talking and joking and what not:D 
Us girls went to the bathroom and this guy we passed was trying to talk to us, it was weirdd.. "Hey ladies" or something... 
We hung out in the parking lot for a while, then later someone said to go to a grocery store.. 
Ryan said, "You know you live in a boring town when going to a groccery store with your friends sounds fun." SO TRUE(X 
So we went to giant in search of some fun, skipped up and down the aisles, and Morgan got stuck in one of those lil kid carts(X Loads of fun!!(: To bad we had to be home by two;D By then I was all worn out from a long day, and passed out asleep VERY quickly(:

That's the whole gist of my amazing crazy adventure:D

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