Sunday, September 12, 2010

We rolled down hills that night

We started out yelling, there was ignoring and by the end of the day we were having an earnest conversation.
Conclusion? I'm no good at holding grudges. But I actually yelled, madly, which is actually kinda rare for me. 
Its a fact that sometimes people that I've never met ask me, "do you ever talk?"
True story. 
But yes, I'm usually rather shy around people I don't know, but I talk(:

I'm quite worn out from an awesome weekend, beside the little fighting I mentioned.. 

Last night was great too(: Ryan, Morgan, Veronica and myself went to see The Last Exorcist, which was quite scary. Well, at first it was pretty boring, but it all built up to a scary ending:D Yet I was upset it didn't show the pastor burning up in the fire like I hoped it would because the camera man ran away and had his head sliced off/: Oh well(:
After that we went to the diner, a usual place for us to go and chat, and I had the giggles- bad(X I could NOT stop laughing at really stupid stuff heehee(: But there's nothing wrong with laughter, it's life's medicine:D 

We went to a couple different places and ended up having a joyous time rolling down a hill(: It was nice, even though when we looked to the sky no stars were able to be seen/: We'll have to go to that hill again sometime soon(:

It was another really great night(: 

I am scheduled to have more adventures this week, so I'll be sure to be posting(:
Au revoir, amis(:

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  1. I'm thinkinn Thursday. I should ride the bus home with youu. :D