Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's it going to be then, eh?

Things start, things end.
I'm already sick of school, it's quite true.
Maybe I haven't changed much like I thought.
Third day at school and I've realized I'm still quite quiet and shy around the people I hardly know, which has been and still is something about myself that I'd more than like to change/:
Damn.. What can I do to change things about myself? What's the cure? "What's it going to be then, eh?"
Really? No clue..
Maybe it's time(: Ahh, yes wonderful never ceasing time. I've learned many things about time itself, and what it does and doesn't do, yet I probably waste time just thinking and talking about it. Time itself doesn't change, and that much I know is true.
Another thing I just now realized is that I'm stressed. Now, if I don't find something calming and...
Hold on... Just got a bit of a confidence boost from a friend I'm talking to via facebook, who said (and I quote) "but I like you just the way you are!!!!!"
..Where was I at?(:
Oh yeah, I was about to say that I'd like to find an interesting hobby because I need something I like after school and when I'm bored opposed to hardly anything at all...
Now what shall that be???
The hunt and pondering will go on to eventually and hopefully decide what that might be.
I fear that even though there is much on my mind right now that I have to go/: But surely I will continue my thoughts next time,

Arrivederci per ora(:

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