Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Band "Of Me"?

So many things and little happenings, good and bad, it's hard to keep track of it all.. 

As for the bad things that bother me- music makes it better(: 
I met a kid in my photography class, who asked to take my picture, then sent me a Facebook friend request, and we texted for hours, which is kind of strange being that we just met, but he was an easy person to talk to I guess, because I'm not much of a sociable person.. 

We somehow started talking about music and what not, and he listened to some of my works and said "That sounds awesome and your music is great. Don't ever doubt yourself okay?" and "Virginia, your music's great. If it makes you happy then continue doing it." 

I told him that numerous times I was asked to join peoples' bands, but it somehow hasn't ever worked out/: I said I might just become the band "Of Me" and that's exactly what I'd call it because it would just be me. He said it was a pretty good idea(: 

I should be get more song writing done if I want to get anywhere(: ..I also need a capo, being that I think someone stole mine/: 

Song writing isn't as easy as it used to be for me. Words used to flow to me almost immediately, now I'm not even sure what to write about and I always second guess myself thinking that the words sound like rubbish poppycock. But what does does it matter as long as one person enjoys it? And that person is me(: 

Yep, it's just me(:

Au revoir, les amis(:

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