Thursday, September 2, 2010

A typical conversation to myself:

Well, I didn't make any other plans with people because I do not feel comfortable asking for things I truly want, if I know it's what I really want (Ya know, being the undeceive lass that I am.) 
So what will I think to do? I know, I'll do something I really like and enjoy. 
Wait, I'll go google quizzes on the internet to see what a good hobby would be for me... Wow, they know me pretty well, but aren't much help. 
I'll print out some of the things they described me as just in case I want to remember. Reading these give me a little inspiration, just a little..
...Hold on, this rap shit my sisters are playing are killing my brain cells:P I can not think with "music" like this playing/: It kind of makes me mad just listening to it... Stay calm...
Anywhoo, (while trying to hold broken headphones on my head because my bitch sister turned up the volume of that crap)
That little disruption really threw off my thoughts...

Sometimes the thing I just need to blast music into my head so I can block out the rest of the world. Good music. I really need an iPod, so I can carry all the songs that I love and put me in a right mood(:

You should see some of the things these quizzes are telling me haha, I love how it's just so me(: I'll dub a few of the descriptive words that were given to me: creative, express, dreamer, bright... on the down side there's also phrases like, "battle with yourself" and "bored easily" and also something about not wanting to jump into things headfirst...

Ahh, maybe I'm just rambling...
to myself(X

Another random unimportant thing that I'm doing is repeating the same song over and over... I like it though, the lyrics are just great(:

Okay, I can continue this conversation with myself off of this blog, and NEXT time I wont waste time talking/typing about random unimportant things:P


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