Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Of scrambled thoughts...

Every single day I'm another day older. I can estimate I've been alive for nearly 5,840 days, make me seem kinda old, huh?
It seems like it be reason to say, the longer life you are in, the more problems you'll get in. I had simpler problems in my younger days.

It's hard to have a friend, one that's true, one that doesn't deceive you.

Haha, how foolish I sound. I've got many years ahead of me to worry(:

I think it's time I learned to care less and did what makes me truly happy even if other people judge. That's what I hear, right? Do what make you happiest? And not worry about what others think?(: I want to wear any crazy thing I like to school and ignore any rude remarks, I want to be able to say everything on my mind and not worry of any consequences of being open and telling the truth, I want to love everyone and not be hated for it.

Hey! I'm a nice person(:

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