Saturday, September 4, 2010

What to want?

Babysitting... I don't even like kids. No, I  really dislike kids. This one in particular is really annoying. Definitely not what I wanted to do over the weekend/: But maybe it wont matter, nothing will matter once I get to "hang out" with friends sunday makes up for it(: I really can't wait for that:D

Some things that I am really wanting are:

  • either my septum or lip pierced, (or both) 
  • I want to get a tattoo or a few, 
  • a job for money, so then I could save and spend,
  • expand my wardrobe with better clothes,
  • some unique hobbies,
  • an iPod with all the good music and songs,
  • a better guitar, 
  • a professional camera, 
  • another instrument to play, 
  • to have fun and 
  • get drunk on the weekends,
  • for lots of people to know and love me,
  • more art,
  • less writer's blocks, 
  • a place of my own,
  • for my mom to leave me alone...

...Just to name a few:P
Will and when I ever get these things? Well, my birthday's coming up in October(;

Au revoir, les amis(:

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